Doha | Exploring an Oasis

In 2019, JOVRNALISM was invited to present on its award-winning, immersive work at the Doha Forum in Qatar. As part of the trip the six students and a professor produced two immersive pieces from the desert country.

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Doha in 360

Exploring the small desert country that is rapidly growing as a global influencer and 2022 World Cup host. JOVRNALISM was invited to present its work at the Doha Forum 2019 and produce this immersive documentary.

Inside Doha’s Falcon Souq

Falconry is a beloved cultural sport in the Middle East, including Qatar. Found within Doha's Souq Waqif are both the Falcon Souq and the Falcon Hospital. Explore these iconic locations through this immersive experience.


Billy Bjork

Chaitanya Shah

Jesse Ryan

Jordan Winters

Naylee Nagda

Robert Hernandez