I saw a fork in the road,

then realized there is no road.

I stumbled into the artistic world by filming my buddies snowboarding tricks and cutting them to my favorite music. Hundreds of days shivering behind a camera (and plenty of time on board too) taught me that interesting work never emerges from comfort, rules, or the status-quo. The extreme sports ethos remains deep in my creative DNA, always pushing me to see outside the lines (or the algorithms).

To my surprise, a bunch of snowboarding videos was enough to get me into USC’s film school. Migrating to the west coast not only meant warmer weather, but it broadened my horizons of what art could be. I explored new domains like documentary, music video, design, remix, and emerging formats like VR and AR. Studying these media in a formal setting, I began to see art less as a process of showing, and more as a pathway to understanding.


For me, it was never about snowboarding, or even making videos for that matter. It’s about connecting dots. Like an adrenaline-thirsty honey bee, I thrive as an agent of cross-pollination: bringing together unique styles, cultures, and energies. No matter the medium, my mission is to stimulate curiosities and surprising reflections, leaving enduring impressions that cut through today’s digital chatter.



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